Prosuming projectified selves

Karin Berglund, Monica Lindgren and Johann Packendorff has published an article in Project Management Journal titled The Worthy Human Being as Prosuming Subject: ‘Projectified Selves’ in Emancipatory Project Studies. In the article, the projectified self is suggested as a way to advance emancipatory project studies toward improved understandings of how individuals in contemporary neoliberal societies are urged to become self-controlling, self-improving, self-commercializing, life-compartmentalizing, and deadline driven. We propose (1) a developed theoretical foundation for studies of the projectified self, based on recent writings on enterprising selves, and (2) the notion of prosumption as a concept for how the worthiness of this projectified self is constructed in a simultaneous process of project-based production and consumption. This is discussed in relation to our on-going studies of social media entrepreneurs. The article is part of a special issue on Advancing theory and debate in project studies edited by Joana Geraldi, Jonas Söderlund and Alfons van Marrewijk.

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