About me

Monica Lindgren is professor of Industrial Economics and Management at the KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, Sweden. Her research and teaching area is organization and management in a wide sense, including leadership, entrepreneurship, project management, identity construction and gender.

Monica holds a PhD in Business Administration from Umeå School of Business (USBE) and has previously worked as Associate Professor of Entrepreneurship and Business Creation at Stockholm School of Economics. After joining KTH she has led several externally funded research projects within her areas of interest and also been responsible for advanced courses in scientific methodology, organisation and management, technology-based entrepreneurship and qualitative methodology. She is a co-arranger of the international research conference series Making Projects Critical and member of the Scientific Forum at Swedish Entrepreneurship Forum. In 2017, she received the international PMI Research Achievement Award for her scholarship in critical project studies. Monica is a frequent speaker at practitioner seminars and conferences.